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There's more to self-defence than just technical skills. It's also about learning to respect yourself and others, flexing your brain "muscles", building confidence and trusting your instincts. At Buffalo Defence Solutions we believe that in order to master a skill, it's important to learn what it is, why it's useful and when to use it. Then it must be practiced and drilled in various conditions.

In order for the students to learn in an environment of respect and empathy, the Seven Sacred Teachings are incorporated into every class, giving the students time to reflect on their guiding values and set forth with good intentions. The Seven Sacred Teachings, also known as the Grandfather Teachings, serve as a guide to the people to live in a good way.  

Each class starts with concepts and levels of awareness training. The best self-defence technique is, after all, having the awareness to recognize a risky situation and avoiding it altogether.  Specific Jiu Jitsu-based techniques are then taught in the context of self-defence. These techniques can effectively put the student in a position of advantage to make an escape, or to move from a position of disadvantage back to a position of advantage to make an escape.

The ratio of instructor to student is 1:5.

Fundamental Self Defence - Live training: Teacher Training
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