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When employees feel safe in their work environment, they can be more engaged in their work, increase productivity and ultimately have better job satisfaction. What’s good for employees is also good for the people they serve.  At Buffalo Defence Solutions, we know not all situations are predictable but we believe that creating or restoring a safe environment starts with equipping employees with the right tools and strategies.

Levels of awareness and self-defence concepts are taught for everyday life. This workshop allows participants to reflect and build on knowledge and skills they already have. Tactical principles and areas of interest are tailored in the context of each specific workplace and risks that employees may be exposed to.

In this workshop, participants will:

·    Acquire the foundational skills needed to maintain a culture of safety and awareness

·    Learn to assess potentially violent verbal and non-verbal cues

·    Engage in prevention and risk reduction strategies to better avoid or mitigate violence before it happens

·    Build confidence in knowing what actions to take to stay safe and keep others safe in highly volatile situations.

Workplace Awareness & Risk Reduction Workshop: Teacher Training
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