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Our incredible team is truly the heart of Buffalo Defence Solutions. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the team.



Head Instructor

Founder/Owner of Buffalo Defence Solutions

Larry is retired after completing 24 years of service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He is Indigenous from Skownan First Nation and has worked in numerous communities in northern Manitoba.


Larry is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Professor and has trained for over 13 years. He has won numerous tournaments, including 2 world champion titles at blue and brown belt ranks. 

Larry has focused his training in Jiu Jitsu on self-defence and police defence tactics. His greatest priority is safety and he is passionate about sharing his expertise with others. 



Assistant Instructor

Kelsey is originally from Garden Hill First Nation. She has trained Brazilian jiu jitsu since she was 16 and currently holds the rank blue belt. Kelsey has won numerous jiu jitsu tournament medals at the provincial and international level. 

Kelsey works part time as a sales associate however her true passion is jiu jitsu. She leaves work and heads straight to the gym. She has instructed the kids jiu jitsu class since 2017 and is an assistant instructor in the women’s class since 2018. Her goal is to be a full time jiu jitsu instructor and one day open her own jiu jitsu club. 



Assistant Instructor

Mandy has been training Brazilian jiu jitsu for 4 years and judo for 6 years.  She holds the rank of purple belt in jiu jitsu and brown belt in judo.  Mandy has competed in jiu jitsu winning medals provincially and internationally.  As well she has competed in judo across Canada and is a Provincial champion.  

Mandy is a staff educator in a Winnipeg nursing home.  She has a bachelor in Kinesiology from the University of Winnipeg.  

Mandy played defensive back as well as receiver in tackle football in a women's league from 2009 to 2016.  Playing for Team Manitoba in the first women's national tackle football tournament in 2012.

Mandy also writes music and performs in 3 local Winnipeg bands.  She has signed with Transistor 66 Records.  



Assistant Instructor

Kirby has been training jiu jitsu for 12 years and judo for 5 years.  She holds the rank of Brown belt in jiu jitsu and Blue belt in judo.

Kirby is a remedial massage therapist by trade working in private practice.  She has a BA in kinesiology as well as a Massage Therapy Diploma.  Kirby is Vice President of the Accessible Sport Connection Manitoba which helps people with disabilities participate in sport recreation.

Kirby was born with only 10% vision which is not correctable with lenses or surgery.  She was on the Canadian Paralympic swim team from 2000-2008 representing Canada in three Paralympic games.

"I hope with this course you get a taste of the strength within yourself.  Our bodies are strong and capable of fighting much more than we often assume" . -Kirby

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